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The Star will introduce you to the many amazing women who are in the marketplace and ministry.  Your neighborhood no longer reaches to just the individuals next door or down the street.  Your neighbor has grown into an international community.  Where ever women are in education and business there is a hand extended to an other.   The Star encourages girls and women to continue there education, to celebrate their dream and destiny.  Together we can accomplish much and see miracles change lifes around the world.

The Star will report to the people, by the people and about the people.  This newspaper is without political affiliations and provide truly objective reporting. In the past The Star, despite the threats and efforts to silence the truth published, refusing to slant and edit reports or to cover up the corruption in the region. Change comes with truth.  The truth does set your free and fear fades when given "just the facts". The Star will focuse on promoting community pride and the student's journey in schools,