The Star Community Newspaper was est. 1986 to promote community business, fair advertising in the marketplace, promote tourism and pride to a city, as well as a safe place for a dialog between the people and the government. 

The Star Community Newspaper was orginally produced in Southern Colorado, with two editions published for NE Texas and later for the Best SW region of Dallas. For several years, not only has the word Media left the public with the sound of a four letter word in their ears but, it also left a sour taste in their mouth. A taste that soured many a stomach.   

There is a time and a season to everything. Now is the time for journalist and those in the media to rise to the standard that was taught in the past.  I invite those who truely value the integrity of journalism to stand up, answer the call and publish the good news. 

You can look forward to: 
The Star will also reports from without an opinion or influence of the publisher, editor or The Star journalists. As the Publisher, it is my commitment to report news, and to promote responsible journalism, where you, the reader, determine your opinion. It is the intent of The Star to report with respect to all people, without the endorsement of their values, politics, beliefs, and products. We do retain the right to not print with any material with an intent to harm anyones character. You, the reader, will determine if the behavior or words of an individual or group helps or hurts their cause. You will find the Letter's to the Editor as a place for dialog you the people, by the people and about the people. From time to time there will be a Letter from the Editor to address issues concerning the community.

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The Star will introduce you to the many amazing women who are in the marketplace and ministry.  Your neighborhood no longer reaches to just the individuals living next door or down the street.  Your neighborhood has grown into an international community.  Where ever women are in education and business there is a hand extended to helping one another.   The Star encourages girls and women to continue there education, to celebrate their dreams and destiny.  Together we can accomplish much and see miracles change lives around the world.

The Star will report to the people, by the people and about the people.  This newspaper is without political affiliations and provide truly objective reporting. In the past The Star, despite the threats and efforts to silence the truth to be published, refusing to slant and edit reports to cover up the corruption in a region. Change comes with truth.  The truth does set your free and fear fades when given "just the facts". The Star will focuse on promoting community pride and a student's journey in life,