The Voice of Women 

Over 20 years in business, education, journalism, and ministry  CEO, JoAnne (Monroe) Matthews  has spent a life-time encouraging women to discover thier God given gifts and to develop those gifts to succeed.  

I have learned from some of the best that success requires having a plan to succeed. It doesn't just happen. Even with the greatest idea, you don't just fall into success.  If you ever find yourself with an inheritance, you will soon find the need to make a plan on what to do with it, or see it disappear.  

Successful women appreciate the power found in an alliance with other like-minded women.  Rarely, does an independant woman succeed without a vision, a marketing strategy, and a network. 

The Star community newspaper shines a light on the woman who, while on her way up help, will help other women succeed along the way.  Is this you?  One of The Star's assignment is to tell  your story, connect you to those who will appreciate you in the marketplace.  But first, they have to know you are in business. This is where we can help. 


Wise men (and women) follow The Star! The Star will boldly shine a light on the many concerns now facing our communities, cities, states, and around the world. The People have wondered long enough if there was a media source that would follow the Code of Ethics and Integrity that  held Journalism  accountable.  It is time for a new (this old school journalist) media source to show up, shine, and bring "just the facts" with providing REAL NEWS.

Going UP? 

In business and in life, we can stand in one place for so long that our perspective remains the same. Much like running in place and finding you're not going anywhere.  However, when someone comes along, sees your vision, presents a new perspective,  creative ideas, and offers effective strategies, life and your business can get energized and moving forward to success.
We The People - News
The Star has been known for reporting with integrity and holding fast to the original Ethics of Journalism
We promote women in business that fight against humanitarian issues such as trafficing. We are not afraid to print the facts and trust that the public will read and make their own best conclusion based upon those facts. We stand strong for our Constitutional Rights and our God Given Rights of Freedom and Liberty.
Warrior Women 
Introducing  women in the world of business and ministry. Collaborating  together as warriors, who are successfully fighting against poverty, abuse and lack of knowledge.  The Star highlights these woman with honor. Telling their stories, accomplishments and the purpose of their call for your help. 

How do you connect? Do you belong to a woman's group or just have a few friends who what to contribute in some way? Connect: email: or leave a message at 903-900-0357.  We will return your call within 48 hours.